Small Business Photography

I’ve worked in the corporate world for 30+ years and I coach small businesses. I also offer my photography services to small businesses too. If you have a commission, and would like to raise proceeds for charity at the same time, get in touch.

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Clicking For Charity // Small Business Photography

I’m a retired business person with a passion for photography. I now use my business experience to help charities succeed and grow.

I also use my photography skills to generate money for charities.

I call it ‘clicking for charity’.

The simplicity is that I take commissions for photographic work , it could be family portraits , weddings , small businesses refreshing their websites , charity events , the list goes on. In return folks make a donation to my Marie Curie just giving page.

100% of the donation goes to Marie Curie.

If folks prefer to donate to a different charity , we can fix that too!